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Welcome to a world where craftsmanship meets artistry, where tradition harmonizes with innovation. Patek Philippe watches are more than just timepieces; they are symbols of horological mastery and enduring allure. Explore our collection of Patek Philippe models for men and ladies.

Patek Philippe’s History with Brown & Co. Jewelers

Legendary. It’s a weighty word. But to discerning watch collectors, there is no other brand with the history and quality of Patek Philippe. Founded by Antoine Norbert de Patek (1839) and Jean Adrien Philippe (1845), the Swiss brand has been synonymous with luxury horology for more than 180 years. The Patek brand has defined, challenged, and reinvented the art of measuring time, propelled by the legendary craftsmanship that powers its peerless innovation.

But while many local collectors and enthusiasts are eager to own a Patek, procuring one in person has historically required travel. Patek Philippe Salons exist only in London, Paris, and Geneva, with a limited number of authorized dealers in the United States. Starting in 2024, Atlanta will join a small, select collection of U.S. cities with their own Patek Philippe boutique. 

Brown & Co. Jewelers will open Atlanta’s first exclusive Patek Philippe boutique, providing the unique chance to experience some of the world’s finest Swiss timepieces in an intimate and educational environment. Company Founder Frank Brown became an official Patek retailer in 2017, and during the last six years, the two trusted brands have shared a mutual commitment to innovation, tradition, and customer service.

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Two Independent, Family-Owned Brands

“We know Patek Philippe has been very intentional with its distribution domestically and internationally – with only a select number of authorized retailers in its network. Our family is honored to be entrusted with the Patek Philippe brand in Atlanta,” said Brown & Co. President Sara Beth Prendeville. “Our partnership illustrates the guiding principles behind our two brands."

The boutique will be located in Buckhead Village, directly across from the newest Brown & Co. location. Merging the history of Patek Philippe with the vibrancy of Atlanta, the singular-focus store will usher in an exciting new chapter for the Brown family business and its loyal clientele.

“The Brown family has held an admirable and premier position in the Atlanta market, and we have the utmost confidence in their expertise and ability to uphold Patek Philippe’s highest of standards. We look forward to providing a welcoming and interactive environment where existing and new clientele can immerse themselves in the world of Patek Philippe and receive an unparalleled customer experience.”

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